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VidBullet 2.0: Make Short And Impactful Ads Easily In Minutes

Software that will make your way easy to make Video Ads. If you are searching for an exposure to your Video Ads then stop waiting and start using VidBullet 2.0 software that will help you to reach your adv. to maximum viewers.

It is very easy to use software and easy to learn. You will not face any problem in using this software as it very very easy to handle and really gives good results.

This software doesn’t require any extra equipment like sound equipment, audio equipment and nor a script.

So what makes VidBullet 2.0 good?

In just 10 minutes, you could have your first high converting video ad live with No Script, No Audio and No Recording Equipment.

VidBullets are fast, high impact, short form ads that cut to the chase. You can make a short, beautiful and very impactful video on this software.

You may be thinking of  normal video ads that they are already best ones and are most viewed generally, also engage more people then you are right but have you ever think that how they are made. They are awesome and are still the best marketing play but they are really very hard to make and are time consuming.

So for easy and time saving you should must try VidBullet 2.0.

For better understanding let us show you some differences between Traditional video ads & VidBullet 2.0.

Traditional video ads.

  • There video ads are very slow to create and are slow to watch.
  • Take long time to reach the audience.
  • They are too expensive to create a single video.
  • Require a lot of stuff to create a single video such as a new script, format or templates for each new video.
  • These videos are so long and time taking and are very complicated to test and scale.


  • It takes less than 2 minutes time to create videos.
  • Easy structure that lets you deliver everything you need to make sale.
  • This is perfect for news feed.
  • This inexpensive to create multiple videos.
  • It is very easy and fast in comparison
  • It uses proven templates to build a video in less than 3 minutes.
  • This software also has a quick test system that can test hundreds of videos to outperform, outgrow and outlast the competition.

Are you willing to make video ads but worried about experience?

Than stop taking tension and try VidBullet 2.0, as it is very easy to use and learn that you will understand it in just one try.

You can use this anywhere or for anything that is online:

  • E Com: You can sell you products with the help of this software video maker.
  • Digital products: You can make videos for your blogs and eBooks to boost your rankings.
  • Promotion videos:  You can also make promotion videos through the help of this software.
  • Services: Create a VidBullet to put your business on top of the “stack” and let organic traffic light up your business.
  • Clients: Provide your clients the best and fast video ads.

Now let you know all the benefits of VidBullets 2.0

  1. Saves you money for unnecessary software, hardware and contractors fees. Also creates good quality videos in less than 3 minutes.
  2. No experience is required to use this software.
  3. It required no camera, no need to record your own voice. This software does all this by itself.
  4. Helps in scaling your business with low cost of video making.
  5. It helps you in making your video in less time and cheaper in cost.
  6. The easy format of this software helps you to engage more people to your organization or product.
  7. Provides you more effective and better ideas for video ads.
  8. Provide you the best templates that make your work more simple, relives your stress of making video more attractive.

Here are some steps that will tell you that How It works.

There are just 3 simple steps that will make your video more effective and easily.

  1. Pick the template: There are lots of templates available there so choose the one according to your purpose and use it.
  2. Fill the form: you have to fill the form and fill in some details regarding your video, also add some voice over or choose text or speech and you are done.
  3. Push the button: After that you just have to push the button that says “Generate Video” and you will be provided by a video in mp4 for universal playback.

A short brief of this software “VidBullet”

Do not think very much If you are willing to make your own video ad. This is the best software to make video ad very easily and fast.

It is easy to use, take less time and gives you better results. So go and try it and you will surely like it.

And You’re Fully Covered By The 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Lock in a one time fee now with zero financial risk.

If you’re not 100% satisfied simply send one email to our friendly support team inside 30 days, and we’ll refund 100% of your investment.

And if you do love it, then you can create unlimited VidBullets and never pay again.

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