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It’s interesting as well as a bit unbelievable to know that numbers actually have a strong connection with the events that happen in your life. The events that occur in your life are not only due to fate and destiny but numbers play a crucial role too. Most of the numbers have a spiritual connection with human life and hold a specific message that needs to be conveyed. The technique through which an individual’s lucky numbers can be determined which can help them to find their hidden skills and talents is called Numerology. Today, there are many services available related to numerology to help humans get clarity about their life goals. One such service is the Royal Numerology which I recently tried. I tried their free version first and then opted for the premium version since it worked well for me. Both the packages are available for $29 and $39 respectively.

Let’s get into a detailed review of my experience with Royal Numerology-

What Is Royal Numerology?

Royal Numerology is an online service that provides you personalized readings based on your full name and birth date to help you get clarity about your personality, strengths, weaknesses, and your purpose in life. All the letters in your name are translated into numbers which are then used in a combination of numbers connected to your Birthday. The main purpose of Royal Numerology is to help you explore and discover yourself through introspection and precise numerology reports. Aiden Powers is the creator and the Master Numerologist or Royal Numerology. He’s the one who studies the information shared by you and prepares the detailed Numerology report. From his early school life, Aiden had a great fascination with numbers. He always believed that numbers have a lot more to offer than being just used in physics and mathematics. Therefore, he took up Numerology and Quantum physics as his subjects in adulthood. Today, he has discovered various ways in which numbers act as clues for an individual to determine their purpose in the universe.

Royal Numerology Benefits-

  • Helps In Decision Making- 

Sometimes it becomes very difficult to take the utmost important decisions in life such as decisions regarding career, education, business, marriage etc. There’s where Royal Numerology steps and helps you to take a firm decision about a particular thing and stick to it. It not only helps you to take major decisions but also shows you the correct way to make long term planning of life. You get a personalized chart in which you’ll get in-depth information about health, wealth and relationships so that you can plan your future accordingly. 

  • Get To Know your lucky numbers- It’s a very interesting concept via which you get to know four numbers that are lucky for you. 
  1. The very first number is called the Life Path Number which is the most significant number in all numerology. This number can be calculated by adding your birthday, month and year altogether. The result is then reduced to a single digit which is your Life Path Number. The LPN is crucial since it shapes your traits, personality and purpose in life.
  2. The second lucky Number is called Expression Number. This number is obtained by converting each letter of your name into a number which is further reduced to a single digit. This number helps to discover your inner skills and abilities and also has the power to uncover your past secrets.
  3. The third lucky number is the Motivation Number.  This unique number is determined by converting each vowel of your name into a number and then reducing it to a single digit. The significance of the motivation number is that it determines an individual’s aims, ambitions and dreams in life and most customers are generally shocked by seeing the results.
  4. The final lucky number is your Birthday Number. This number shows one of your hidden talents or skills. It fone by is simply taking the date on which you were born and then reducing it to a single digit.
  • Astrology and Divination
  • Numerology can help you connect with other powerful spiritual tools. If you already study astrology, then numerology should feel immediately familiar. Both astrology and numerology are based on your specific birthday. As you learn more about numerology, you’ll be able to make more in-depth and accurate predictions based on your astrological sign. The two disciplines often go hand-in-hand.

How Does Royal Numerology Work?

The primary advantage of using the services of Royal Numerology is that one doesn’t need to go through complicated mathematics, which most numerologists use to disclose the message behind the numbers. You can easily visit the official website of Royal Numerology to get your personalized report. Once you reach the page, you need to enter the following:

  • Your full name
  • Date of birth
  • Any random number that appeared in your life in the recent times 

This will take you to the next page where you need to:

  • Choose an area of life where you need help (ex: relationship, health, career, self-confidence etc)
  • Then enter your correct email ID where you want the report to be sent.

Aiden, the creator, uses this information provided by you to prepare a customized numerology report that will be delivered to you within 24 hours of registration. You can then access it in your mail inbox. You will find 2 types of options:

  • The free reading report that covers the 3 most important areas of your life which include your life path and personality. 
  • The premium reading report that includes a detailed analysis of your traits which will support you in enhancing your self-confidence, self-awareness and will help you in selecting the right life path that can bring in success for you.

Final Verdict 

If you look around yourself, you’ll find many signs and symbols that will guide you towards the right path but if you feel stuck anywhere in your life where you can’t make a decision, Royal Numerology can help you. Royal Numerology provides customized numerology reports absolutely for free. The service comes with well-detailed, in-depth, and comprehensive information to help you unlock a new side to your life. The creator is offering various premium packages at the utmost affordable prices starting from $29 only. The packages include two types of comprehensive analysis: Numerology reports and 5 free bonuses. The best part is Aiden has also kept a strong 100% refund policy via which an unsatisfied customer can get his/her money back within 60 days of purchase. The majority of the consumers have given extremely positive comments about the working of Royal Numerology. Therefore, I’ll definitely recommend you to give it a try since it’s risk-free and is available at pretty decent prices. Get your Royal Numerology service from-

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