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1K A Day Fast Track Program Review 2021

What is The 1K A Day Fast Track Program?

1K Fast Track Program is a 6-week training program that teaches you how to make a sizable income through affiliate marketing. The program claims to have helped all its users earn at least $1000 per day. It’s a comprehensive instructional program in which the students are systematically taught about the necessary steps required to earn thousands of dollars from the comfort of your home. The program includes learning to create templates, developing a mailing system, and tips to promote other’s services, businesses, and products on various affiliate marketing networks to earn a good commission.

About the Creator 

Merlin Holmes is the creator and author of the program. He is a successful affiliate marketer and claims that one can make more than 150 million dollars through affiliate marketing. He says that he has tried out hundreds of ways to make money for ex- he was once a salesman, a network marketer, and even an MLM member, but failed to make money to make his ends meet. Then he came across the method of affiliate marketing to make money. This method has helped him to utilize the best of his potential to make the desired money and fulfill his dreams. This gave him the motivation to design this 1K A Day Fast Track Program to help people struggling to make money. He promises that even you can make the amount of money said by using simple tips and tricks given in the program.

How Does it Work?

The 1K A Day Fast Track works by helping you to earn money through the promotion of affiliate offers. In simple words, this technique is called Affiliate Marketing and it is one of the most popular ways to earn passive income. This is a legit method to make money online in which you just need to prove other offers through your unique affiliate link. If a person buys the product through your unique code, then you get a commission from it. The rates of commission are generally fix on per purchase through the unique link. The method is liked by many experts since there’s little or no investment required to generate money in terms of cost of product making, storing it, or shipping charges.

The program teaches you various ways to promote the affiliate offers that come your way such as building a website from scratch, ways to share your product link via social media and other platforms, creating product reviews, etc.

Week By Week Training Breakdown of 1K A Day Fast Track 

Week 1: Introduction

In the first week, the students get to know the basic information and the structure of the program. This includes information about the basics of affiliate marketing which consists of several sub-topics such as business model, how ClickBank works, projections, etc. They also teach students about the necessary mindset one needs to keep to get success in this field.

Week 2: Setting up accounts

In the second week, the students get introduce to nine lessons that simple directions on how to set up accounts, especially setting up click funnel domains. This step also includes polling, in which you learn how to search for popular and trending products and plan up marketing campaigns. 

Week 3: Email set up

Certain steps are there to set up an authentic email system. The module also includes important information on how one can link his/her email to click funnels.

Week 4: Automation

Automation is a vital part of this passive income course. This module includes in-depth information on using autoresponders to automate your affiliate marketing business while you focus on trying to bring in the targeted traffic.

Week 5: Native ad creation

Along with conventional ad platforms like Facebook and Google, Merlin Holmes also gives his students an insight into native ad making to help bring in the targeted traffic into the funnels. RevContent is a great example of a native ad ecosystem that can support you in getting a high converting audience for your campaigns.

Week 6: Future plans

In the final week, the students will get to make sample plans to scale their business. They will practically be taught about planning things out systematically. This is an important part and includes a lot of information for eager users.


  • The tricks and techniques given in the webinars are straightforward and easy to understand. 
  • There are free webinars included in the package which are taken by the creator, Merlin himself. 
  • The course takes you through a systematic route of how to make money using various methods.
  • All the tips and techniques given in the course are beginner-friendly.
  • The course is extremely safe and risk-free to try since it comes with a 30-day refund policy. 
  • The interactive landing pages make it much easier for beginners to grasp the topics.


The price of availing of the 1K A Day Fast Track Program is set at $997. There are no extra registration charges on the program. It may seem a bit costly but it’s definitely worth the value since you literally will get to learn to earn a huge amount of money by sitting at the comfort of your home. As they say, no return comes without an investment. So I think, the cost value of the program is a fair investment as compared to the huge amount of return you’ll get.

Get your 1K A Day Fast Track program now.

Final Thoughts 

The 1K A Day Fast Track Program is completely legit, it’s not a scam as opinionated by many people out there. Yes, it requires some investment, in the beginning, to create web pages and start off which is the basic requirement to start earning in almost all cases/methods of earning money. When it comes to the affiliate niche, the 1K A Day Fast Track Program is one of the best ways to get in-depth knowledge. The majority of the users have given thumbs up to the program and have stated personal experiences of how the 1K A Day Fast Track has helped them achieve and earn their desired amount of money. I would definitely recommend you guys to go for this program to get great knowledge about affiliate marketing and ways to earn a living through it.

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